Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

This little outfit is from Lela, our dear friend. Thank you! 

I love their faces- eyeing the stockings!
So cute.
Auntie Melissa got in lots of hugs.
Great, Great Aunt Dottie with her nieces.
Madison looks identical to her Aunt Melissa's baby picture here. 
A few kisses.
We went to an amazing neighborhood to look at 
Christmas lights. I had never seen so many homes decorated so well. Each house had their own theme- even the inside of the garages were decorated! One house had their entire backyard transformed into Bethlehem with the story of Jesus piped in.  

This house's theme was Santa's airport. There were planes, an air control center, a "Low flying Santa" sign, and flashing runway lights!
After the lights, we opened one present each- our new Christmas jammies
Once the kiddos went to bed, we started setting all our the gifts and stockings out. We really had soooo much! 
Everyone had a stocking- from the oldest to the youngest!

More Parks

The day after Papa, Mimi, and Aunt Dottie arrived, we went to a park with a lake. It was really cold when we got there, but warmed up. I had no idea AX got so chilly! Madison loved the ducks! I didn't get a picture of it, but Papa and Charis were fishing in the lake, too. 
Aunt Dottie bundled up.
Going for a little walk.
Family picture, plus one!
Mads loves seeing where she's going on a walk!

Emma just wants to be in our family!!! She kept running over to get in the picture!
Mimi and Emma

After the walk, Maddie needed a little rest.
Auntie Melissa always made Madison laugh!
There she goes hording all the Christmas goodies!

That night Emma decided dinner was taking too long, so she found Christmas goodies and helped herself!
Aunt Dottie baby sat as Melissa and I cooked dinner. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snuggle Up

After the three girls took a bath together (which was adorable), they got their PJ's on, and snuggled with Papa. Papa is so fun with all of his girls. 



Charis coined Madison's new nickname, "Mads". It was so sweet how she cared for the "little girls".

Uncle Jesse was so good with the girls- he played outside, pretended with dolls, acted as Maddie's defense at times, and filled a host of other roles.

Park with the Cousins!

This past week we drove to Arizona to visit my sister and her family. We had such a memorable time! One of our little excursions was a walk to a nearby park. "Uncle Jesse" pushed Emma and Madison while Charis rode her bike. Melissa and I had such a great time talking together!
Emma is such a doll!
Charis is so grown up!
Charis wanted to know what Madison could play with at the park- not a whole lot yet!
Charis actually took this picture! She loves being a little photographer. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Five Months!

Madison is such a joy! She now fills this basket! I remember not too long ago when she looked so tiny in it. Time does fly! 
At five months Maddie is sitting up, rolling all over the place. rocking back and forth (especially when we read to her), giggling at raspberries on her tummy, wearing 6 month clothes, and eating formula only! 
I love my little Peanut.

She loves story time

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madison, the CSUN Mascot

Madison has been spoiled this Christmas, and she doesn't even know it! My friend Sarah, who comes over on Tuesdays, gave her an adorable warm fleece outfit. I can't wait until she can wear it. Then my friend Hannah, from CSUN Bible study, gave her another present last night! You can see her eyeing it.
Hannah and Madison just love each other. Hannah is so good with her- she even asked to change Maddie's stinky diaper last night!
Can you see what her little outfit says?
Hannah wants her to go to Bible study wearing this so she can be the CSUN mascot- so funny!