Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Parks

The day after Papa, Mimi, and Aunt Dottie arrived, we went to a park with a lake. It was really cold when we got there, but warmed up. I had no idea AX got so chilly! Madison loved the ducks! I didn't get a picture of it, but Papa and Charis were fishing in the lake, too. 
Aunt Dottie bundled up.
Going for a little walk.
Family picture, plus one!
Mads loves seeing where she's going on a walk!

Emma just wants to be in our family!!! She kept running over to get in the picture!
Mimi and Emma

After the walk, Maddie needed a little rest.
Auntie Melissa always made Madison laugh!
There she goes hording all the Christmas goodies!

That night Emma decided dinner was taking too long, so she found Christmas goodies and helped herself!
Aunt Dottie baby sat as Melissa and I cooked dinner. 

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