Friday, December 5, 2008

I am Blessed!

My birthday started out with a fun scavenger hunt created by my husband! He is the best! Jesse gave me 30 reasons why he loves me in groups of three throughout the day. Every three reasons also came with a clue, in order to find the next group. It made the day so much fun! I know he put a tremendous amount of thought and time into this gift! The note started out on the bathroom sink, then led me all around my house and town to find the rest! 
My mom also planned a delicious dinner that night- all of my favorite foods (including: popovers:). Then she had out my baby book, which brought tears to our eyes, as we read her thoughts about becoming a mother. It was especially meaningful now that I have a daughter. 
I also felt loved with all of the calls, texts, cards, and emails that people sent! My sister did this for me! So, thank you for a wonderful 3oth birthday!

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