Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Geneva's 7th Birthday

Geneva LOVES Dragons! Thank you Miss Penny for an amazing dragon cave cake.
Looking for hidden dragons..

Making dragons and dragon eggs.
Snacking by the fire.

What a sweet group of girls- we are so thankful for these dear friends. 
Loved time with Uncle David and Auntie "L"!
It was quite special to be a in CA with Papa and Mimi the week before G's birthday. We had a fabulous time celebrating with them.

 Geneva is such a joy. She loves life to its fullest. She's always moving, laughing, hugging, playing, and eating! This girl knows how to encourage others and make people feel loved. We are thankful for the work God is doing in her heart. She is learning obedience and loves the Lord. 

Maddie's 12th Birthday!


Celebrating at the White's Willows was absolutely the best!! We snorkeled, swam, floated, drove, and barbecued.
And she's driving....
Such a fun day with the White's!

Maddie's baby, Butterscotch
Paulyn was so kind to bake and decorate a chocolate cake with Maddie for her birthday.
We are so thankful for the young lady Maddie is becoming. She loves the Lord, serves others well, and is a hard worker. I love seeing her creativity and goofy side blossom. We are so blessed with good friends and family that invest in one another.