Friday, December 27, 2013


Christmas Eve day we went to the Swiss Bakery for lunch and a treat!
Aunt Dottie has been to Switzerland in earlier days, and enjoyed the restaurant.
That evening, we went to our Christmas Eve service. Since I had to feed Geneva, we went to the atrium and watched Daddy preach from there. The girls got a front row seat!
Too funny!
Christmas PJ's

 Geneva's first Christmas!
 We certainly had quite a lot of gifts to open!
 All three girls loved their stockings.
 Aunt Dottie's turn to open her stocking.
 Cute girls!
 I love these sweeties.
 Aunt Dottie really enjoyed watching the girls excitement with each gift. 
 It's play time with the new gifts. Thank you family and friends for all the generosity!
 Afternoon kicks.
 Geneva's new phone. She was pretty excited to have her own cell.
 Look at me...I'm longer than my stocking!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Festivities

 I can't get enough baby snuggles in with Geneva! She's the sweetest little one. 
 She has started sleeping from 11:30pm- 7am the last two nights. Momma is feeling a bit more sane!
 Thanks Aunt Melissa for my hair bows!
 I know, lots of Geneva shots. I can't help myself. I just put away all of her newborn clothes...she's growing up way too fast.

 My 3 babies ready for church!
 We've really enjoyed doing the advent together each day this December. It was rough to start- both girls were not into sitting still, but after a few nights, they learned to listen carefully and participate. Food helps, too :)
 Jesse does a great job going through a verse about the birth of Christ, and uses our nativity as a prop!
After that, we sing a carol, then choose a Christmas card or two that we've received, and pray for those people.
 Last night we had Jesse's "A Team" over for a Christmas party. These guys meet at 6am every Tuesday morning- dedication! 
 It was fun to visit with them and their wives. We sang a couple Christmas hymns, too.
Yes, Maddie is wearing reindeer antlers.
 Babies everywhere!
And Joe read us a lovely children's Christmas story...super fun!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aunt Dottie is Here!

Everyone is happy to have Aunt Dottie here!
 This picture makes me laugh- the flash made everyone close their eyes, except Geneva's!
Morning time at the Johnsons's!

 Penny was so kind to get the girls microphones and guitars for Christmas! Now was have shows running all day- come on over for a free performance :)

 Must have a cookie break.

 Story time!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Maddie's Class

Maddie has had a busy week at school! 
 First, we were able to go see the class play on Wednesday! 
 Maddie was the actual star. She was so cute dressed all on gold!
 Love this kindergartner!
 Maddie's teacher, Mrs. Reyes.
 One of Maddie's friends- Regan.
 After their class Christmas party on Thursday, Maddie brought home a book the class published!

Each child wrote their name, what they like to do, and what they want to be when they grow up! 
She likes to play on the playground and wants to be a doctor (she said later that she wants to take care of me- I'll remind her of this down the road!).
 Today was the Christmas chapel and Grandparent's Day! 

The kids were adorable singing.
Miss Penny and Aunt Dottie were her special guests!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sisters, Sisters, Sisters...

 Last week we had fun on our snow days. We made gak- super fun science/ craft project with kids!
 We had a play date with the Pinkstons- Maddie and Savannah entertained Geneva with puppets!
 My lil cowgirl!
Maddie loves doing gymnastic tricks, and really wants to take some classes.

 Savannah loves playing with her little sister.

 Geneva loves laying on her play mat and chilling out- lots of activity to watch around here!
 This is another one of her favorite spots.
 Love these big smiles!