Friday, December 6, 2013

Busy Season

 Savannah got these fun shoes for her birthday. In other news, she's had croup and pink eye this week. Last week we both slid down our stairs (as I was holding her), so life has been tricky for this little one, but she's still full of smiles!
We had the girls from Maddie's kindergarten class over to decorate cookies this week. They all had so much fun that there were tears when the friends had to leave! Maddie has a class play coming up :)

 Geneva has been going with the flow...she seems to like the lights on the Christmas tree, but her favorite is Daddy.
For my birthday Jesse took us all out to dinner. We had a great time together! Earlier that day a girlfriend took me to lunch, so I had a pretty fun day of celebrating!
 Love these stretches!
 Can't get enough of this cuteness!
 We were twins and I didn't even realize it!

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