Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

We have just been so busy running from one thing to the next lately! Every day has been filled and we've been going so many places each weekend. I'm trying to capture some of these moments as we go, so here's a bunch of catch-up photos!
We've been having fun setting up our new home! When Jesse put up Savannah's crib, Maddie asked to cuddle with Savvy inside- too cute!
Daddy has been very busy, so here he is napping with Savannah!
Last weekend we went to Escondido for the Foundations singles group retreat. Jesse taught on evangelism. It was really fun to be there with my friend Michelle, who has two boys just about the same age as our two girls. We had lots of time to talk and play with the kids!
Weston and Maddie taking a break from our walk.
Gabe and Savannah had many naps together!!
Savannah giggling with my dad in our new living room.
Mads sound asleep in the midst of 3 people talking and taking pictures in her room! I think she's tired :)

We were excited to have my Aunt Jennifer and her daughter Rebbecca come all the way from MA to visit us this week! They have been wonderful with the little girlies!
The next day Aunt Dottie flew in and met Savannah. They get along quite well!!
Love this.
Taking bear for a little walk.
And today we have our first house guests coming....yes, my sister and her family are driving here from AZ to spend the weekend here visiting our other out of town family. We're excited to all be together, even though it will be crazy!!!! I am thankful to God that He has given me the strength to accomplish every task He has allotted for each day. In my own strength I would fail and be overwhelmed, but with His abundant grace, we are enjoying each moment!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving Day!

We have so much to be thankful for in Christ! He's given us forgiveness of our sins, and made us heirs to His Heavenly kingdom! What a marvelous thought that is. As a child of His, that is enough- to be made right with God is more than we could ever do. But, God doesn't stop there is giving His children good gifts. He gives us so much more! I've been studying Ephesians, and I'm constantly blown away with God's abundant kindness towards us! One of the ways He displays His kindness is through the church, which is built on Him as the cornerstone. This body of believers is to encourage, challenge, love, forgive, serve (and the list goes on) one another. As a family, we love being at church and being with those who belong to the body of Christ. This weekend we were served by so many, and I'm sure their service was unto the Lord! Here are some pictures from our move and some of those who have helped in the process...
Mary wrapped all of my breakable kitchen items very carefully...not one broke in the move!!
Brianne and Joyce helped with packing a million boxes! They thought they hit the jack pot when they found all our old photo albums :)
Savannah napping in the middle of it all :)
About 12 guys came from our CSUN Bible Study and loaded and unloaded the U Haul.

Bethany played with Madison all day, and both seemed to love it!
Jessica and Kaitlyn helped unpack at the new house. Here's our backyard!
Rachel helped organize the kitchen.
Thank you to all those who were apart of helping us move!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're Moving!!!

The Johnson family is moving to Chatsworth this Friday and Saturday! We are so thankful to God for His provision of a 3 bedroom rental house. After looking at so many homes for the past 4 months, we have finally found the right place. A few things I'm thrilled about: having a washing machine and dryer (still need to actually buy it :) inside our house instead of walking to the laundry room, a backyard for Maddie to play, a garage for storage space, and a home where we can have more people over for fellowship. God is so good! I'm also thankful for the people who will be helping us move this weekend and next week. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing! Pictures of the move and the new house are coming soon! If you want our new address, let me know!

Monday, February 7, 2011

CSUN Winter Retreat

This is the amazing house we had our GOC winter retreat at this past weekend in Pine Mountain. It was 3 stories, had a pool, pool house, and barn. The inside was beautiful- fireplaces, game rooms, and views of the mountains from the big windows. We packed 40 people inside for the weekend, and had a great time!
Cat was a doll, and organized all the food. What a huge help! Maddie liked calling her "Caty"- they are buds!
There was always lots of help in the kitchen!
Holly and Rach- there was lots of great time to fellowship.
And music time- Savannah loved jamming!
Carbohydrates!!! Thanks ladies for all your help!
Alain taught some people how to chop wood, which is much harder than it looks. (I can testify to that, since I was one of the people that tried it out!)
Madison couldn't get enough "rock climbing" in!
Yeah, I think he's cute!
And so is she :)
A little practicing before the session.
Madz loved watching this group play spoons. Can you see Savannah sleeping on the couch in the background? She slept through so much noise!!

Rach with her spoon talents!
Steve made the ultimate smore!
The fire pit was a huge hit! Maddie didn't want any smores, just chocolate!
One of the living rooms became chess central.
Do You Love Your Neighbor?
The guys made Sunday morning breakfast- way to go!!
Everyone listening to...
Jesse, who taught through the book of Esther this weekend.
I'm thankful my two girls were so loved and taken care of by these sweet students in our Bible study. The Johnson family had a wonderful weekend with the CSUNers!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Johnson's Came to Town!

We were so excited to have Grandpa and Gigi come to town this past weekend. Savannah was so happy to meet them!
Gigi brought these really fun markers that are just for writing on windows and mirrors. Madison and Grandpa discussed what scene to draw.
And then Maddie intensely watched Grandpa draw a mountain scene with a river, bear, airplane, and even a truck with Mads driving an owl around! It was precious watching them together!
I LOVE this :)
Gigi gave baths that night- they had fun splashing around- even Gigi got wet!
Story time!
The next day was Sunday. We met up with Jesse's parents and brother and sister-in-law at church. Then everyone came back to our house for lunch. Uncle JJ and Aunt Danielle were great with the girls.
We had so much fun that afternoon playing Ticket to Ride and going to Macaroni Grill for dinner. We were glad JJ and Danielle came over again for dinner Tuesday. We really wish they lived closer so we could hang out more.
What do you they look alike?
We had fun at the train park Monday. Mads loved riding the train with Grandpa and Gigi.
Me and my man.
I don't think Maddie read the sign :)

Homie and Gale, thanks for riding your motorcycle out here to see us! We all enjoyed our time together. We miss you and love you!