Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back To School Life

 While Maddie is at school in the mornings, Savannah and I have had some special time together. Savannah misses playing with her big sister, so she's always asking, "Mommy, you "flay" (play) with me?" It's super cute, but at the same time she's learning to be a little more independent at times. 
Yesterday Savannah was a big help in the kitchen! We had a friend come over and we made scones for her. Savannah has one hand in the bag of Craisins and snacking, while the other hand is helping! She loves wearing an apron and jewelry!
Here's Maddie in class with some of her new friends having snack.
 Since it was back to school week, we had a party in the neighborhood to celebrate! Jesse BBQed, everyone brought a side, and it was a blast!

One of our neighbors brought a school bus cake to celebrate!  Here's some of the kids we could round up!

 The kids played with a corn hole game, jumped on the trampoline, and played pretend throughout the cul de sac while the parents talked. We really love living in this neighborhood. God is so good!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

Maddie has been both excited and nervous to start Kindergarten. This week she learned to jump off the diving board into the deep end all by herself. Jesse told her going to school for the first time is like that...kinda scary at first, but then super fun and you'll want to go and do it again and again! 
 I can't believe the day is here where Maddie is off to school! My little baby is a Kindergartener at Immanuel Christian School. 
When I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, her response was: "I want to be a squirrel chaser when I grow up." She's a character!
 There was an assembly for the first day, and I had this cutie on my lap.
 Here we are talking the long walk to the classroom. 
 Family shot. Savannah wanted to have a lunch box and go to her class, too! She'll be doing ballet this year.
 Mrs. Reyes is Maddie's teacher.
Here each of the kids introduced themselves and said what they like to do. Maddie likes "Going to the beach."
Can't wait to see how the first day goes!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lake Anna

This week we spent a couple days away with our sweet friends, the Pinkstons.
 Popsicles on the front porch. Where's Waldo, I mean Bode?
 The kids collected minnows and frogs in these tubs each day!

 Joelle and the kids!
 Erica and Sophie...pretty cute gals!

 Savannah loves the Pinkston's puppies- Mac and Piper.
 Story time.

 It was so fun to have Drew and Joelle come up for a night, too.

 Our family took a low-key ride.

Then Jesse went on with Bode and Maddie Pinkston for a double death ride :)
I don't have pictures, but Jesse got his own triple death ride all by himself and did a pretty amazing cartwheel in the air before going under water. 
Thank you, Pinkstons, for a great time together!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Time to Share a Room!

This week we tackled the project of moving the girls into the same room! 
Here's a new collage of pictures we put up in the girls' room. 
Some dear friends passed down their furniture from when their boys were little (it was this color). Jesse sanded down the wood, then we painted it antique white. 
 Here's Savannah's new quilt and lower bed.
Maddie and Savannah love playing on the top bunk! 
Both girls are THRILLED to share a room. This week we've had a hard time getting them to sleep. They just talk and giggle for hours! It's fun to hear until I'm ready to go to bed :)

Friday, August 9, 2013


It's been really fun for me to watch our girls play this summer. They are best buddies. I'm cherishing watching them pretend to be pregnant and go to the doctors (wonder where that's coming from :), being princesses and running from the "beast", or just coloring together.
 Here Savannah is "reading" to Maddie! I love cuddle time.
Yup, Savannah is ready for exploring...a magnifying glass, shovel, bucket, and her big sister.
Thanks to Uncle Kenny and Rebecca, they also have zoo shirts to wear for their exploration!
 They were our helpers last Monday as we painted their bunk beds. Here they are taking a little break eating warm banana bread (with gardening gloves on :). 
Let's just say they are THRILLED to be sleeping in the same room.