Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Time to Share a Room!

This week we tackled the project of moving the girls into the same room! 
Here's a new collage of pictures we put up in the girls' room. 
Some dear friends passed down their furniture from when their boys were little (it was this color). Jesse sanded down the wood, then we painted it antique white. 
 Here's Savannah's new quilt and lower bed.
Maddie and Savannah love playing on the top bunk! 
Both girls are THRILLED to share a room. This week we've had a hard time getting them to sleep. They just talk and giggle for hours! It's fun to hear until I'm ready to go to bed :)

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Ferko said...

How fun that they are sharing a room!! It's so sweet that they love each other so much!! So precious <3