Friday, August 9, 2013


It's been really fun for me to watch our girls play this summer. They are best buddies. I'm cherishing watching them pretend to be pregnant and go to the doctors (wonder where that's coming from :), being princesses and running from the "beast", or just coloring together.
 Here Savannah is "reading" to Maddie! I love cuddle time.
Yup, Savannah is ready for exploring...a magnifying glass, shovel, bucket, and her big sister.
Thanks to Uncle Kenny and Rebecca, they also have zoo shirts to wear for their exploration!
 They were our helpers last Monday as we painted their bunk beds. Here they are taking a little break eating warm banana bread (with gardening gloves on :). 
Let's just say they are THRILLED to be sleeping in the same room.


Amanda said...

That exploring picture is the cutest ever! They look like twins. I'm glad they're such good friends. ;)

Ferko said...

Oh my goodness...I cant take it - they are growing up too fast!! I love their smiles in the exploring picture (sooooooo cute) I showed Mike that picture and it took him a couple minutes to realize it was your girlies ;)