Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pastor's Wives Retreat and More

We've picked up with some more activities lately. I'm thankful to be feeling better, and be able to be out and about with friends from church. I still have to be careful not to over do it, because then I pay for it with being sick the next day! Here's a few of the fun things we're doing...
 A couple weeks ago, the pastor's wives from our church went on a retreat for 2 days. We had a wonderful time together looking at God's Word, praying, encouraging each other, laughing, and eating! I'm thankful to be a part of this group of women.
 While I was away, Jesse not only stayed with these cute girls, but also hosted 2 missionaries at our house AND made posole (New Mexican strew) for a group of friends that came over one night. He's quite the daddy! The girls favorite part about time with Daddy is when he took them out to breakfast with their PJ's on!
I love this picture of all three of them wearing glasses so they don't tear up as they chop up an onion.
 Savannah had her potty party last week! We have an over-the-top tradition to make a party out of potty training. Yes, there are streamers and balloons in the bathroom! She also got M&M's every time she went in the "right" place. A few days were devoted to this endeavor, and now she's pretty much got the hang of it!!
Mimi sent the girls matching "Big Sister" outfits this week! The girls wore them to my ultra sound appointment. They loved seeing their little sister move around. It looked like she was waving at us!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a Girl!

Team Johnson is officially adding a girl as its next member! We're pretty excited we get to stay in the same color scheme...PINK. The girls jumped with the balloons shouting "sister!" (it was actually their preference :)
Baby girl coming near October 2.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cubbies for Maddie

Maddie has loved going to Cubbies this year!
Here's her class and the great teachers in the back.
Maddie got her award from Mr. Huber.
She was pretty happy!
 Each night after AWANA, Jesse would always take the kids out for McDonalds. They loved the tradition and treat :)
The last night of AWANA the Pinkleys came and joined in the fun!
  What a cute picture of Isaac and Maddie...thanks Sarah!

Monday, May 13, 2013

More of VA Beach

Besides just hanging out at the beach, we ventured out to other attractions. 
 The girls enjoyed scootering along the boardwalk. There was plenty of open space!
 Savannah actually took this picture of Maddie!
 We walked the boardwalk several times. One evening we saw horses on the beach! National Geographic was doing a spread on horses at the beach- they were beautiful.
 What a good Daddy he is! We pretended to be pirates. Each of us had a job (given by Maddie). "Swab the deck!" "Hoist the sails!" And we sang "What Do You do with a Scurvy Pirate?" as well as "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". Super fun memories!
 Another day we went to the aquarium. The girls loved seeing everything from tropical fish to sharks and river otters!
 Jesse and Maddie petted sting rays.
 We watched a 3D movie on life under the sea. The girls kept taking off their glasses when it looked like the fish were swimming towards us!
 Here we are on the surrey bike! Let's just say renting one of these for an hour is more than enough time!
 One night we ended up at a restaurant with a lobster, that was good! 
 On the drive home we stopped in Williamsburg for lunch. The girls remembered being there last year with the James family and Papa and Mimi. We enjoyed the Cheese Shop for lunch :)
And they were out the rest of the ride home! 
I'm sure thankful for this family trip! It had been 2 years since we got away just the four of us, so this was super special. God has blessed us beyond measure, and we're all thankful. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Virginia Beach Trip

This past Monday through Friday our family took a little vacation to VA Beach. We love the beach (coming form Cali), but had never been to an east coast beach altogether. We had the best time. It was wonderful to do what we wanted, when we wanted for 5 whole days! A friend graciously let us stay in their beach house, and the accommodations were lovely. 
The highlight of the trip for the girls was just being at the beach. We went in the morning, before dinner, and after dinner!
 Here's our little walk from the beach house.
 Maddie, my little beach bum.
 Savannah and Daddy keeping each other warm. A couple of the days were chilly, and then we had beautiful weather the other days. 
 Jesse and the girls built a sandcastle village.
 Savannah loved playing in the water with her Daddy! She would jump with excitement!
 The girls could play in the sand forever.
 Maddie collected shells for me.
 We saw dolphins swimming in the ocean, and crabs digging in the sand. It was so neat to be in God's beautiful creation and praise Him for it! I came to tears sitting on the beach enjoying all of God's amazing gifts.
One more sand fort. The girls really didn't want to leave the beach. It was such a treat to be there!
We came down to the beach after dinner one was a bit too chilly for me to get in the water! 
One more video of them being chased by the waves on a warmer day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rain and Shine...It's A Fun Time!

The girls are having fun outside in the rain or shine! We're so thankful for our backyard to explore and our front yard to play with our neighbors!
 While it was raining the other day, Jesse took the girls to check out the creek. It's always fun to watch the water rise. Maddie even found some newts (for those of you who don't know what a "newt" is: a lizard-type creature that lives in water) in the creek the other day!
 As I was making lunch I heard Savannah, then Maddie screaming from the creek. I knew everything had to be fine, since Jesse was there. Once they came in,  I found out what all the ruckus was about...Savannah had walked in to the creek a bit too deep (with rain boots on, of course), and Maddie went in to "rescue" her sister. (Picture water up to Savannah's ankles...not deep :). As Maddie reached Savannah, she had her greatest fear orca was coming for them! Maddie imagined that an orca was in our little creek coming for the both of them!!! Kinda funny and sweet at the same time. Anyways, Daddy wadded in and rescued his girls!
 Yes, she's wearing a bike helmet, sunglasses, princess gardening gloves, and flips to ride this long board down our street. 
 I love her personality!
Savannah cuddled with me on the porch and watched the kids play a bit. I love her sweet cuddles!