Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rain and Shine...It's A Fun Time!

The girls are having fun outside in the rain or shine! We're so thankful for our backyard to explore and our front yard to play with our neighbors!
 While it was raining the other day, Jesse took the girls to check out the creek. It's always fun to watch the water rise. Maddie even found some newts (for those of you who don't know what a "newt" is: a lizard-type creature that lives in water) in the creek the other day!
 As I was making lunch I heard Savannah, then Maddie screaming from the creek. I knew everything had to be fine, since Jesse was there. Once they came in,  I found out what all the ruckus was about...Savannah had walked in to the creek a bit too deep (with rain boots on, of course), and Maddie went in to "rescue" her sister. (Picture water up to Savannah's ankles...not deep :). As Maddie reached Savannah, she had her greatest fear orca was coming for them! Maddie imagined that an orca was in our little creek coming for the both of them!!! Kinda funny and sweet at the same time. Anyways, Daddy wadded in and rescued his girls!
 Yes, she's wearing a bike helmet, sunglasses, princess gardening gloves, and flips to ride this long board down our street. 
 I love her personality!
Savannah cuddled with me on the porch and watched the kids play a bit. I love her sweet cuddles!

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