Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Day

Yay! Christmas day arrived with much excitement in the Johnson house.
 We started with stockings.

 Everyone got a chocolate orange :)
 Another family tradition is monkey bread, scrambled eggs, and fruit for breakfast.
 Beanie Boos rule!
 Then we cleaned up and headed to church.
It was amazing, since we only had one service, everyone went together and even sat together this Sunday morning. That was truly a gift to me! Jesse spoke about Jesus being the true light.
Love these cute friends.
 Family picture
When we came home we opened gifts. Maddie wrote Jesse a book called When you Send a Daddy to Costco (she thought of this on her own after reading When you Give a Mouse a Cookie). 
It was quite a hit!
We played games. Mustache Smash.
 Geneva got a new baby doll!
 And a bike!!
It was such a wonderful day of worshipping the Lord, having family time and relaxing a little :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Eve

 My three munchkins.
All ready to go to the IBC Christmas Eve service.
Union Station is one of our traditions for Christmas Eve.
The girls love singing Silent Night with the light up sticks.
Jesse stayed to preach at 2 more services, but we came home for dinner. 
The girls opened their new PJ's- they were a hit!
Little polar bear, unicorn, and panda :)
Now time to cuddle up by the warm fire and watch White Christmas!
 Mimi gave the girls goodie bags with Pez candy and light up necklaces and these cool flower pens.

    So excited fir Christmas tomorrow morning!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 Candy bar making
 Uno Playing
 Manicotti cooking classes
 Italian dinner night shared with the Standridges
Live nativity

Thursday, December 22, 2016

This Weekend We...

Baked with Mimi
Santa's helper- brownie peppermint trifle.
 Snuggle and stories
Walk time
Decorated gingerbread houses
AWANA Christmas party

 Wrestled Papa
Drove in a full car and singing Christmas carols
 Went to Ice at the Gaylord

 It was 9 degrees inside- cold enough to keep the ice sculptures frozen along with our noses :)

 National Harbor was fun to walk through.
 Savannah's got her own business already :)
 Gymnastics for Savannah
 And I cut off part of my finger and took an exciting date with Jesse to Urgent Care. 
Keeping it real over here.