Monday, April 29, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Savannah's been in a toddler bed for a couple weeks now. She's doing great! She stays in her bed and calls us when she wakes up. "Mommy, morning time! I awake." Is usually what I hear around 7:45am. 
 The other day I snuck in her room to wake her from nap time. She was sleeping so sweetly! Of course, she was wearing a princess dress, had Sausage her dog, and her favorite book "The Mitten" in bed with her. 
She's at such a fun age. Savannah asks "Why?" to everything. She learning how things work and wants do to everything on her own!
I love this sweet girl!

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Ferko said...

this is WAY TOO ADORABLE!! I'm dying...she is growing up too fast... :(