Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Festivities

 I can't get enough baby snuggles in with Geneva! She's the sweetest little one. 
 She has started sleeping from 11:30pm- 7am the last two nights. Momma is feeling a bit more sane!
 Thanks Aunt Melissa for my hair bows!
 I know, lots of Geneva shots. I can't help myself. I just put away all of her newborn clothes...she's growing up way too fast.

 My 3 babies ready for church!
 We've really enjoyed doing the advent together each day this December. It was rough to start- both girls were not into sitting still, but after a few nights, they learned to listen carefully and participate. Food helps, too :)
 Jesse does a great job going through a verse about the birth of Christ, and uses our nativity as a prop!
After that, we sing a carol, then choose a Christmas card or two that we've received, and pray for those people.
 Last night we had Jesse's "A Team" over for a Christmas party. These guys meet at 6am every Tuesday morning- dedication! 
 It was fun to visit with them and their wives. We sang a couple Christmas hymns, too.
Yes, Maddie is wearing reindeer antlers.
 Babies everywhere!
And Joe read us a lovely children's Christmas story...super fun!

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Ferko said...

YAY, such a blessing that G is sleeping better -praying for you!! Did Jesse serve rootbeer at the "A" team party? ;)