Friday, December 5, 2008


On Thursday Madison and I packed up and headed for San Diego to visit Rachel, Drew, Sierra, and Rachel's mom. Maddie slept the whole ride out there, and I caught up with friends on the phone! It was such a special day.
I bought the girls matching outfits right after they were born. They are finally fitting in them! They were so cute when they first saw each other- they were reaching for each other!
They look about the same size...that's because they are exactly the same age!
Sierra just couldn't keep her eyes open- too bright here in California. She's already used to Washington :)
Sierra does crunches 
"Hey, look, you have a hand, too!"

The two of them are always playing with their hands!!
After the photo shoot, we headed to Old Town with the girls. We shopped, talked, and went out to dinner. 
When we got back, the girls laid on these huge pillows by the fire and relaxed- pretty funny! It was a very sweet day!

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