Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

This little outfit is from Lela, our dear friend. Thank you! 

I love their faces- eyeing the stockings!
So cute.
Auntie Melissa got in lots of hugs.
Great, Great Aunt Dottie with her nieces.
Madison looks identical to her Aunt Melissa's baby picture here. 
A few kisses.
We went to an amazing neighborhood to look at 
Christmas lights. I had never seen so many homes decorated so well. Each house had their own theme- even the inside of the garages were decorated! One house had their entire backyard transformed into Bethlehem with the story of Jesus piped in.  

This house's theme was Santa's airport. There were planes, an air control center, a "Low flying Santa" sign, and flashing runway lights!
After the lights, we opened one present each- our new Christmas jammies
Once the kiddos went to bed, we started setting all our the gifts and stockings out. We really had soooo much! 
Everyone had a stocking- from the oldest to the youngest!

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