Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Fun Times with Mimi

I'm so thankful that we've had beautiful fall weather since my mom has been visiting! We've spent lots of time enjoying the outdoors. One evening we relaxed by the fire pit and talked.
After school one day, we headed over to Nall's Produce for outside playtime. 
Geneva's on the go!
 We also did some shopping and bought yummy fresh veggies. 
 And that's SAVANNAH riding her 2 wheel bike- she learned last week with just a couple tries. Thanks Jesse for teaching her! She was so thrilled that she flew open the door singing 'Everything is awesome when you can ride with no training wheels!"
 Thanks to Mimi we had craft time with homemade cinnamon popcorn.
 We've been studying how our body works. Mimi helped with the body tracing and organ labeling.
 So fun!
  It's been wonderful having another set of adult helping hands!!
More pics to come...

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