Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arizona Christmas

After our fun time in Albuquerque, we drove through snow-covered mountains to Phoenix to celebrate Christmas with the James (my sister and her family) and Mimi and Papa!
Uncle Ben creatively read the Christmas story from the Bible as the girls acted it out with the manger scene. They had quite a great time doing so.
Nothing better than good laughs in Christmas PJ's with the cousins.
The girls were all thrilled to open and GIVE presents.
Going for a walk to the park. Maddie had our back.
Takes two to push Maddie and Savannah.
The girls love playing with their new MobiGo games from Papa and Mimi.
We had our traditional Italian dinner with manicotti, pasta, sausage, and meatballs. The girls ate tons!!
Driving to see Christmas lights!
Family photo, minus Papa.
Papa and Mimi also got all the girls matching jammies...shot #1 my girls are acting crazy.
Shot #2 everyone is laughing at all the adults being silly.
At the park.

This park has a train, carousel, and play area.
Jesse took this photo because he thought I was crazy to jog alongside the train as it rode around the park. It ended up being a little work out!
Jesse gets to have all the fun! He got the wrist band and rode all the rides. He's a kid at heart :)
The next day we threw Emma a tea birthday party. From dress up clothes to tea sandwiches to painting nails and dancing like princesses- we had quite a fun time.
These girlies kept us laughing.
Savannah joined in on the dance DVD :)
Thanks Ben and Melissa for making our stay so memorable- we had a great time with you!

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