Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Santa Barbara

Aunt Dottie, Mom, Maddie, and me spent all of Monday traipsing around- just going where the wind blew us. Our first stop was in Summerland at a great breakfast place over looking the ocean. Aunt Dottie and Maddie were dressed like twins.
Madison began chewing on my mom's necklace with her one tooth (that was a no :). We have begun that phase!
Then we kept driving to Santa Barbara where we laid out by the water and sunbathed (kind of, we actually were avoiding getting burned). After that we were hungry again, so we went to my mom's favorite restaurant- Anderson's. It's a Danish place on State Street with delicious pastries. That night Dad and Jesse joined us at our home for dinner. It was a full day!

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Ben and Melissa James said...

I miss you Maddie and your happy little smile!