Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just have to say- I love Valentine's Day. It's so much fun to celebrate! Jesse did remind me of the history behind this day, which is romantic and sobering at the same time. As some of you may know, there was an actual man named Valentino who was arrested for his faith in Christ. At that time in the Roman Empire, soldiers were forbidden to marry. The thought was that single men fought more valiantly (I buy that!) While being imprisoned he became well known for his faith. Some soldiers that wanted to be married would sneak to where he was chained and have him perform their marriages. In his last letter to his wife, before they beheaded him, he signed it. "Love always, Your Valentino". Hence, Valentine's Day! 
Despite the sadness that may come with that story, we celebrate the true meaning of love- Christ's love and our love for one another. Madison woke up that morning to a little surprise in her crib. It was so cute when she found the bear! 
Aunt Melissa bought this onsie that says, "All you need is love" before we even knew if Madison was a girl! It fit perfectly today! After a morning at home, we went to drop Madison off at the babysitters...Mimi and Papa's house. Madison had some gifts for them (and Daddy). I made "Maddie Money" by copying a dollar bill with a picture of Madison's face in the middle. Each dollar could be redeemed for a specific event (ie: picnic at the park. etc.). 
Madison loves waving and reaching for people now. 
All smiles and drool!
Clapping is a new achievement!
And very silly faces...

I laughed at this one! It looks like the opium from the tulips are getting to her!
I think Papa asked her to be his Valentine!
Then Jesse and I headed out for our date! He was so sweet and made reservations for us to go to tea at the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena. We had so much fun together! The food was really great, too. 
Thank you, Babes, for a thoughtful gift! I love you!

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