Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Day

So, things have been a little busy around here, and I'm catching up on blog posts...
 Christmas morning! The girls loved wearing their new PJ's from Grandpa and Gigi. 
My girls were almost always in Papa's lap! They just love being with him!
 Here they are opening the stocking bags.
 Geneva was thrilled to get a new toothbrush! I love how the simple things are a big deal.
 Then we talked about our Christmas advent, sang, and prayed together.
 By that time, everyone was hungry for breakfast! 
My girls always look forward to monkey bread each Christmas morning.
 They love getting gifts for each other and always give the best hugs!
 Everyone loved Geneva's new game from Papa and Mimi!
 Charis, the sharp shooter!
Maddie and her new bike. We all went for a bit of a walk. 
We had unusually warm weather for this time of year!
 Mimi and her girls. She got them all matching dresses 
(and they came with matching dresses for their dolls, too!)
 A little painting of horses...
Mustache Smash was a new game that was a huge hit!
 And dinner time. 
Look at the Christmas tree napkins- my sister is so creative!
 Game time! Thanks Mimi for the great toddler toys.
 Miss Penny was able to join us for dinner on Christmas!   
What wonderful memories we made with family that day. 
It had been 4 years since we celebrated a holiday with my family!

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