Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Creek and Green Springs

Even though we live in a super busy city, it's so nice that we have these (and other) beautiful places so close to home. 
Here's the creek that runs through our back yard. Yesterday some of the neighborhood kids wore their suits and swam.
Super fun!
 Last night we went for a walk at Green Springs. We enjoyed watching the turtles, seeing a deer, and the beautiful flowers. 
 Little Miss Savannah and her Mini Mouse scooter.
She's growing up way too fast!
 Jesse and his mom. We've been having a great time with Deb this week!
 "Daddy will you come tackle me?"

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Ferko said...

It looks like the weather has been beautiful for you guys - hope the humidity hasn't been too bad. That picture of Sis is so funny, what a lil lady!! Hope you guys continue to have fun with Jesse's mom!! :)