Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Slumber Party with Mimi!

Having my mom here for 3 weeks has been a real treat. We've all become accustomed to having her live with us! She has been extremely helpful with getting Maddie ready for school, doing errands, cooking, laundry, and just loving on us! I've been able to care for Geneva well and get some extra rest. It's been fun to share life and enjoy the kids together. 
Thanks Dad for loaning your wife to us for so long :)
 Geneva has had lots of slumber parties with Mimi- right in her arms!
 So sweet.
 The big girls have been begging to have a slumber party with Mimi, too! They thought it would be fun to stay in the basement bedroom with her. My mom, of course, made it into a really special occasion and got treats and games for each of the girls. First, Maddie spent the night down there and they played Sequence.
The next night was Savannah's turn and Mimi bought her a little Hello Kitty book with tiny figurines- just up Savannah's alley! She has played non-stop with them! Savannah also talked to Mimi until 10pm!! She's my little night owl :)
Both girls were so thrilled to have alone time with Mimi!

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