Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Time!

This week Papa, Mimi, Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Dottie came to town! 
We're enjoying a full house of helpers :)
 They love their little girls...Geneva is the 5th granddaughter!
 Savannah loves entertaining her little sister! Fox mask, butterfly wings, wand, and flowers!
 Aunt Jennifer and Geneva, quite a cute pair!
 Aunt Dottie is 101 years old, Geneva 6 days...pretty amazing!
 The girls are loving their fox masks from Laura Leach. 
Papa is a great sport playing on the floor with the girls!
 "A Fly Went By" was my favorite book as a little girl. 
Aunt Jennifer read it to me over and over, and now she's getting to do it with my girls!
A rainy day is perfect for at least 4 rounds of Candy Land with Aunt Dottie!

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Ferko said...

G is soooo cute and cuddly, I think she looks like a combo of both Mads and Savannah together!! The fox masks are adorable :) Such a blessing to have your family there! xo