Monday, July 21, 2014

Pool and Friends...

Some days we just enjoyed staying around the pool. 
It's such a wonderful plus that Papa and Mimi have a pool right in their yard!
Rachel and Lucy came over one day to play. It was Lucy's first time in the pool!
 Abby and Maddie jumped right back to being buddies!
 Geneva loves the pool!
So fun!
Mermaid games.
Savannah started to learn how to swim!
Night swims with glow in the dark bands were pretty cool.      
 One day we did a bunch of projects, like tie-dye shirts.

 Charis was such a big help with Geneva. 
  Tie-dye cupcakes!

Got to love the palm trees and sun set, but even more- the great family!
More Abby and Maddie time.
Here are all the cousins sporting their new t-shirts!
One morning Papa and Mimi took the kids to see the circus! 
The girls came back with such great stories. 

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