Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beach Time

Possibly my favorite thing to do in CA is going to the beach. I just love the fresh air, warm sand, and God's beauty in creating the ocean. I'm always reminded of God's faithfulness and love when I look at the ocean. It's deeper, wider, and more powerful than we can imagine. It never stops, even when we're not looking. And it doesn't depend upon us to start, stop, change directions, or just keep coming in. God is so good to give us pictures of Himself in creation that we can see.
 My sister came up with this genius idea for Geneva. One fitted sheet and bags at the corners... means no eating sand for this baby!
Beach bum.
 Should we go in?  
 While Papa rode the waves, Maddie cried because she was afraid he'd get hurt. What a soft heart!
 Time to build a sand castle.
 Play time.
My mom and her girls.
 Charis, Jesse, Geneva, and I took a little hike up Kanan Dune. 
 The view was beautiful!
 Look how clear the water is!


Pinkleys said...

How fun and beautiful! What a great idea for Geneva on the beach!

Ferko said...

Melissa's a genius!! I'm totally stealing that idea next glad you guys were able to go to the beach!

Unknown said...

Where are the instructions for this idea?

Anonymous said...

It's just a fitted sheet laid down and bags put in the 4 corners to hold it up..

Unknown said...

What is the pink plastic material you used as Walls?

Deidre Johnson said...

The "walls" are just the part of the fitted sheet that go under the bed. Here they are held up by coolers and bags.

Gawgee said...

Not sure it would be allowed on myrtle beach ,sc beaches. No beach covers allowed because some body couldn't see around them ???? How can you not see around something without walls ?

Anonymous said...

Way awesome idea!

Unknown said...

Been there and used this, not a problem!!!!!! They don't want tents!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where u get pool and how much thanks
Wonderful idea