Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rainbow Birthday Party

On Monday we celebrated Maddie's 6th birthday with a Rainbow Party (per her request). She wanted to tie dye shirts with her girl friends, so that's what we did!
Rainbow streamers and balloons were the main decorations :)
Party time.
Rainbow fruit kabobs.
Thanks to Mrs. Jones, we had some amazing face painting!

Miss Penny was a great help with tie dying and holding Geneva.
More cuteness.
And more cuteness.
Let the messy tie dye begin!
 Rainbow snacks.
The kids had a blast with rainbow tag. The person "it" calls a color, those with that color must run to the other side without getting tagged. You could also call "rainbow", then everyone must run!

"Happy Birthday to you..."
Blow out the candles!
Time to eat rainbow cake!

Then we played a rainbow scavenger hunt.
They ended with a rainbow pinata. 
Get your goodies!
Sweet sisters.

Maddie loves her new jewelry box. Thanks Auntie "L" and Uncle David!
   All her gifts were a hit- lots of crafts, Legos, and books! Thanks everyone :)

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