Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maddie Date

We have a tradition (2 years strong) that I take Maddie on a date before school starts. This is time set aside for us to talk about several things.
 We went to Hidden Oaks Nature Center! It was interesting to learn about what snakes are poisonous and safe here in Fairfax. We saw turtles, frogs, and monarch butterflies that had hatched.
 We did some exploring and posing along the walk :0
Life is funny with this girl!
What date shouldn't finish up at Menchies?! Yummy.
Maddie is ready for first grade. She's a little nervous about leaving me and her sisters, but I know she'll do great. I'm going to miss her!!

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Ski Town Girl said...

First grade. So much learning to do; life suddenly gets a little more focused. I'm betting she'll grow physically, mentally and spiritually in dramatic leaps and bounds during the school year. Cannot wait to see it all happen. Love, Grandma