Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Saturday morning started with the traditional TeamMates egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Schuh's house.
Geneva was getting the hang of it, but quickly decided to swing rather than collect eggs!
Such a beautiful yard!
About 100 dozen eggs were hidden for all these kids!

I think she ate most of her chocolate!
Yay for big sisters!
We went home, got changed, and went to IBC's Easter Pageant. It was quite moving to watch the reenactment of Jesus' last days. He suffered so for us and paid the greatest price for our sins so that we can be eternally forgiven. What a precious Father we serve.   
 From the church we went to the Boady's house for another egg hunt and dinner.
         Love this crew of kids.
The spectators.
The players...

Resurrection rolls! After the rolls are cooked, the marshmallow melts away and they are empty, just like the tomb!
What a special day filled with the greatest reason to celebrate with dear friends that are really our family in Christ.

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