Monday, March 28, 2016


 I love this little princess! She sure loves to pretend. She has a sensitive personality, is so compassionate and giving. 
 I love this young lady! She is so responsible, loves family, and is such a kind big sister.
 Miss Penny had a picnic with the girls on one of our beautiful Spring days.
 The girls were looking forward to our family night. Just us. Just the BBQ for dinner and fire pit after. It was wonderful.

 The girls have loved pet sitting. Cotton is adorable.

The Cherry Blossoms have popped! 
Three little monkeys climbing in a tree!
The Cowles had us over for such a creative dinner. We got to choose a letter, and everything we ate started with that letter. The girls chose "P" for...pasta, pork, peanuts, pickles, and potatoes. They have red and blue tongues from the ring pops!

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