Friday, October 28, 2016

A Week of Field Trips

This week both girls went on school field trips and I was able to be a driver for both classes. ICS is such a great school- we love the teachers, students, and curriculum here.
  Maddie's second grade class went to an old farm where there's a creek in the back that had TONS of fossils. The kids loved digging away to find the treasure they would take home.
 It was a hard choice. 
 Savannah's kindergarten class went to Frying Pan Farm where they learned about dairy cows and even got to milk (fake) one :)
 In the farm classroom we learned how much food and water (35 gallons a day) a dairy cow consumes and how much milk they produce (10 gallons a day). 
Such a sweet class of kids!
And Geneva and I took a "field trip" to Costco this week. I love spending my mornings with just her. After a run with friends, she and I shopped and had lunch as we drove to pick up Savannah from school.

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