Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lately Around Here...

 ICS students have been working hard at Servathon. The school raised money and served the community over the last 2 weeks. Maddie's class cleaned up the grounds at a nearby park.
Last Friday night I took Maddie to her first "concert". We saw Lauren Daigle.
Girls night. Woot woot!
Maddie's sweet friend, Reagan (and my friend, Jen), met us there.
 They were so cute watching Lauren and taking pictures.

 Maddie's favorite song was Trust In You.
 A couple weekends ago, the girls and I met up with some friends at Great Falls.

 Ha! They were distracted people watching!
 So many little hikers :)
 We recently had the girls over from Maddie's class for a play date. 
They are a really sweet group of friends!
 I love each day with this one. She keeps me laughing!
 Savannah was thrilled to have Sparkie for the week. We baked pumpkin bread together. 
 I love how Michelle and I dress our kids alike without planning it (almost every Sunday :).
    Daddy's back on his bike and has a little helper in the back :)

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