Thursday, October 6, 2016

Play Time

 Here's Savannah and her friend Anne Carter in the Kindergarten outdoor learning area. I love that they get to learn hands-on in their kinderGARDEN. Savannah LOVES school!
 Our church is hosting a Bible Immersion crew. These students from around the world have come to study the Bible and serve intensely for 10 weeks. 
I love how serious they all are about wanting to walk with God and serve Him with their lives.
 One beautiful afternoon we picked up daddy early from work and headed to Green Springs. 
He was a good sport and played tag all dressed up!
 What a fun treat to be outside enjoying God's creation.
 This gentleman taught the girls a bit about photography :)
 Another day we had Alex and Christy come over for a puppy play date. 
She even went and played in the creek with our girls! 
 We had a girls Kindergarten play date yesterday. 
They made a fall snack mix, did an outdoor scavenger hunt, and just enjoyed playing!
 We went out to see Cinderella with a bunch of girlfriends. You can see the differences in personalities here. The younger girls chose their dress up dresses and Maddie wore her PJ's :)
 Look at this theatre in some one's house!! The moms had just as much fun as the kids!
 Little Princesses.
Now I'm ready for a nap :)

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