Saturday, March 24, 2018

All in a Week...

 Last week Jesse was teaching pastor's in Haiti. 
He loved his time there and the ministry in that country. 
 Here at home we had a tree taken down. It's so amazing to see how the men climb the tree and cut it down in smaller pieces from the top. 
 We had a wonderful snow day! The girls enjoyed maple syrup on their snow :)

 Maddie participated in a Geography Fair. She studied Argentina, wrote a report, made this poster board, and memorized a presentation for the judges. 
She got awarded 4th place! Yay! She worked really hard and overcame her fear of speaking to the judges. 
 Saturday was lumberjack day! We had some friends come help us split the entire oak tree!
 Hard at work!
 17 little kids ran around the yard! We were so thankful for beautiful weather!

 Hot dog grill master!

 Where did the wood go??? The guys made huge stacks of firewood near the house. We are so thankful for their friendship and help! What a fun day!

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