Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Maddie!

Maddie Marie certainly is a joy! She is passionate, a deep thinker, loves to jump, loyal friend, and very responsible. I love this girl. I feel truly blessed that she calls me "Mom". It's a privilege to raise her, and I sure need God's wisdom in doing so. We are excited to home school this fall, so I'm looking forward to many sweet Maddie memories this year as we learn together.
 Maddie certainly had a fun-filled birthday! It started off at 5:30am- she was so excited, she couldn't sleep! We had donuts with sprinkles.
 Thanks to Aunt Melissa and the James, Maddie got a few books that she LOVES. 
 Aunt Jennifer and the Crams gave her a new bath towel. 
Much needed since she's had the same one since birth :)
 Paddington! We love this movie- thanks Papa and Mimi. She also enjoys reading her new Ranger Rick magazines.
After opening some gifts, we had swim team (as you can tell from the bathing suit).
 After swimming, we headed over to Flight Trampoline Park where we jumped and played dodge ball with Reagan and her mom. What a blast!
That afternoon Tessa, Maddie, Savannah and me went to see the Minion movie. 
Side note: didn't love this one, but we had fun anyways.
Can you believe these cookies?! Miss Penny made these delicious treats.
 Grandma, Maddie had so much fun coloring this tie dye bag. It's a huge hit. 
She also decorated her flip flops with the new tape!
 That night we had dinner with Miss Penny- so thankful she could be with us and celebrate.
 Ice cream cake!!
 Someone was thrilled.
Thanks Miss Penny for Operation- fun way to end a fun day!

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Ferko said...

Awww, so fun!! Happy Birthday Maddie paddie, cant believe how big you are!!! Ummm...did you make that ice cream cake?? Looks amazeballs =D Recipe please!!! <3