Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Birthday Shenanigans

 Maddie woke up to Star Wars balloons, streamers, plates and napkins on her bday.
She's very into the movies right now :)
 Birthday donut!
After the swim meet we had Faith over to play.
Our dinner outside got cut short by a pretty big thunderstorm, so we finished up inside.
 Thanks Faith for the really fun and meaningful gifts!
 Instead of mini golf, we went bowling due to the rain.
 So adorable.
Love her hands!
After the storm, there was a quadruple rainbow in the sky! What an amazing Creator we love! 
The kids enjoyed their frozen custard while watching the colors change.
Maddie and Faith wore their matching dresses to church. 
It was precious to see them sit together and take notes.
Some of my favorite times are sitting around the kitchen table talking as a family.
Sunday night we were discussing Sunday mornings' message. We were so surprised that Savannah remembered a detailed description of the mighty angel from Revelation 10. Maddie showed her notes to Jesse, too. How thankful I am that we have Christ as our Savior and that we can talk about what we are learning from the Word together. God is so gracious.

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