Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Eight Year Old!!

It's such a privilege to be Maddie's mom! She's not perfect, but she is growing into quite a kind and thoughtful young lady.
 I like her personality. 
She's loyal, thinks deeply, cares for people intensely, and likes having fun. 
 She chose to celebrate her birthday by having a night away with me! It was so special. 
We drove 30 minutes away, and had some quality time.
Girls night out!
 After dinner it was pool time back at the hotel.
 Then we went out for a walk and frozen yogurt.
 It's so fun talking with her- she's getting so mature.
 It was beautiful watching the sunset from our room on the 14th floor!
 Maddie loves "big eyes stuffed animals". So, here she is being a "big eye".
 The next morning we played some corn hole. Then we shopped a little bit.
 Miss Penny brought Maddie the coolest Stormtrooper cookie!
What great memories.
Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!
They challenge us and bring joy in ways that nothing else can!
These eight years have been filled with sweet memories.

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