Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of Visitors

Aunt Melissa spoiled little Maddie. She brought her clothes, toys, bibs, and just loved snuggling with her. Melissa also was the best sister to me on her two week vacation. She helped me with laundry, cooking, gave me great baby advise, and even took me to get a pedicure- just us "big girls"- no kids! Mimi happily babysat. It was a special time together!
Grace was so good at putting Maddie to sleep 
(Madison sleeps in the crib Grace slept in 9 years ago!)
Charis and Emma just loved their little cousin. 
Uncle Ben
Great, Great Aunt Dottie

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Ben and Melissa James said...

That pedicure was just as much of a break for me as it was for you! Thanks for giving me the excuse to go!