Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chillin' with the Lettuce

Every mom needs to have a "I'm locked out of the car story"...right?! Well, today Mimi, Madison, and I  took a little outing to Trader Joe's. While I was their picking out a bouquet of flowers, I dropped my keys into the bucket of water. I thought nothing of it, and continued shopping. Once we got to the car with packages full of frozen food, my remote would not unlock my car. So I tried my key, which only set off the alarm, and would not allow me to start the car. Now we were stuck in the parking lot with a hungry baby and melting groceries! Of course, Jesse was unable to answer his phone, so Papa came to rescue us riding his white horse (he drives a Mustang:). All is well, but my car is actually still parked in that same spot. We'll go pick it up tomorrow. Moral of the story: never hold your keys while picking out flowers!

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