Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CSUN Retreat

Here's most of the crew that came to the CSUN Retreat in Camarillo this past weekend.
Some of our lovely ladies in the conference room.
We had four teaching times all on the means of grace (blessings of...the church, baptism, singing, and fellowship).
Great music by Cooper and Tyler.
Each night was a game night- so much laughter!
Saturday we spent at the beach. We had Chick-fil-A (some people are Chick-fil-A fanatics :)
Maddie became one of them (we ordered the tasty little bite size sandwiches, too).
Maddie's retreat buddies- Shepherd and Mercy.
Hello ladies!
Take a look at this picture- one year ago exactly!
And now! Maddie ran for the water and got her clothes all wet before I could get a bathing suit on her (hence the diaper picture). She has grown so much this past year- this beach experience was tremendously different than last years!
Too cute!
The dirtier, the better.
Are you kidding me?!
Mama's movie star.
Jesse tried skim boarding.
Brooke and the Madster.
Brooke was so sweet- she played and played with the kids!
Dinner at Soup Plantation.

More games...
We are so thankful for this group- CSUN is a blessing to be a part of. The students are so teachable and fun to be with!

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