Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We love you Grandpa!

Two days ago Jesse's dad had double knee replacement surgery. We are so thankful that all went well, and that he's already walking a bit. Here is a blog post dedicated to make you smile, Grandpa...
Grandpa, I was thinking about you today at the train park-
I know you like trains.
There were so many fun trains, so I ran to see each one. All day I said, "choo choo".
Then I ate a few chips and got my energy back.
Here's my best pose for you.
(She actually just laid down there- not sure why :)
I love you Grandpa, and hope you feel better soon! Next time you come to CA, I want to take you and your new knees to the train park!


Mommy Roth said...

Okay, I had to read that 3x's b/c I was trying to figure out why Jesse at his age had a double knee replacement. I guess I am up too late! Maddie was so funny laying on the train tracks. I could totally picture Jack doing that but not to be cute but because he was having a tantrum.

Danielle Johnson said...

I'm pretty sure this little girl is the cutest girl to ever live! I love watching her grow up! Sweet Maddie girl. Love you guys!