Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Big Girl Bed"

We have finally moved Maddie to a toddler bed, or as she calls it, "my big girl bed". She absolutely loves it! We found the cutest bedding at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and the toddler bed was a great deal found on Craigslist. We also recently bought the shelving organizer from Target. Now that we are getting ready for baby #2, we've had to be creative in making room for our soon to be new little blessing. Madison's changing table is now in our room, and that's where the little infant pack n play will go as well.
Here she is waking up from nap time! When she wakes up she calls for me, and waits in bed- she hasn't wondered out of her room yet (its only been 4 days though)!
Loving on dog.
This is how I found her when I checked on her the other night! So funny. Jesse moved her back the right way. Then last night Jesse and I heard a thump around 2am, and then some crying. She had fallen out of the bed- good thing it's close to the ground! She went right back to sleep after we put her back in bed. I guess she's a wiggle worm when she sleeps!


Drollingers said...

It looks awesome! Love the shelves too! Great job D!

Mommy Roth said...

So cute, we have the same bed from PB in cream and it will have gone through 3 kids! What a fun new stage of life!

Unknown said...

I love that! So cute! Miss you!