Thursday, July 21, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm

We had a fun-filled day at Knott's Berry Farm on Tuesday!
Jesse and Maddie weren't very interested in the Snoopy Show...ha!
What made the day even better was having Papa, Mimi, Aunt Melissa, Charis and Emma there!
Maddie went on the Log Jammer with Jesse- my little adventurer!
Papa went with the other girls too.
All the ladies.
Savannah is my sweetie- she was so good all day even though it was hot and she had a cold. What a little trooper.
Here we are on the steam engine.
Madison called the bandits who came on the train "band aids"! They said they weren't even going to bother robbing us because we had too many kids to have money!
Then we rode the stagecoach.
This was so mom got scared on this one!

They are just so cute :)
Daddy and Maddie riding another train.
OK, they were adorable on this one.
I love how Emma is just calmly smiling at Maddie while she has her mouth opened wide screaming!
I hope watching this didn't make you feel sick!
Melissa was a bit terrified by the Farris wheel, but Emma and Charis held her hand.
The Mexican Hats spun so fast! Madison asked to go on them twice!
Savannah was still going strong on the carousel at 9pm!
It was a long day- we got there at 10:30am and stayed until 9:30pm. It was so much fun to watch these little girls scream and play throughout the day!


Jesse said...

I love the pic of madz and Emma on the ride together.

Ferko said... the good ole Knott's Berry Farm - how fun!! I remember going there when i was younger...