Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Surprise Visit to Arizona

This was milestone birthday for my sister. Melissa turned the big 30. So my mom, dad, the girls and I all made plans to take a surprise trip to celebrate with her in Arizona. (Jesse couldn't come because he was at a retreat preaching.) I can't say she was surprised, because it's nearly impossible to surprise her! We still had a good time visiting.
Over the weekend we went on several walks, and I have to say Mimi and Papa sure pulled (pushed and carried) their weight and a lot more!
I just love them.
Mimi and Papa took the 3 older girls to their hotel on Saturday afternoon for a special time. They played games, ordered room service for dinner, watched a movie, and wrestled :) While they were all having a blast, Melissa and I did a little shopping and went out to dinner. We haven't had "alone" sister time in so long.
Here are Emma and Maddie having a picnic.
These scooters were the best. They might just make it on this year's Christmas list!
I love this one.
We went to dinner Friday night at Joe's Farm Grill. If you're ever in Phoenix, you should check it out. Savannah loved crawling through this sign :)
Too cute. The little girls jamming in their jammies!
Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of Charis. I tried to just enjoy the moments and not photograph them all!
I also need to mention that when we arrived at Burbank Airport Jesse was standing on the roof of the parking lot jumping up and down to welcome us home as we were getting off the plane. Then when we arrived home, I found flowers and a sweet card from him. I have to say, I love this man for so many reasons!

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