Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Family Time

This past week and a half my mom and dad, sister and her husband, and their two kids came to visit us! We stayed in Williamsburg for a week, and then came to our house the rest of the time. It was a fun time together, but way too short...really. I just wanted to keep them all here forever.
 The girls were giddy when they first saw Mimi and Papa. Maddie said earlier that day, "When I see Mimi and Papa I'm going to do 4 twirls and give them the biggest hug!"
 Maddie also kept saying, "I love you to the moon and back!" Savannah was just full of kisses.
 We met up with the James in Williamsburg. Here are the cute cousins feeding the horses. 
 All piled in for a ride.
 Williamsburg was just beautiful. 
 It was so peaceful to walk the streets every evening.
 The little ones had so much fun running everywhere!
 The dads on Father's Day.
 Girl time.
 We watched a sheep get sheared...pretty amazing.
 Aunt Melissa snuck in some kisses.
Here's our Father's Day dinner in the hotel...we went all out and made hot dogs, watermelon, baked beans, and root beer. It was really special to all be together. 
More photos to come!


Ferko said...

Aww...how fun you got to get away with your family!! And Williamburg (sp?) looks beautiful!! Miss you <3

Pinkleys said...

So so fun! :)