Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

My girls just love dressing up. Most days they are princesses or ballerinas. So for Halloween this year Madison wanted to be a butterfly and Savannah wanted to be a ladybug. Any excuse to dress up and play is good for them!
 Buzz Buzz
 Hee hee! They got glow in the dark necklaces from a neighbor!
(By the way, I found out the hard way that the glow in the dark stuff even works on your skin. Maddie chewed through hers :) 

 Our neighborhood is so much fun! Here's some of the kids for the group photo. 
Yes, my girls are eating!
 Before all the kids went trick or treating, we had hot dogs and mac n cheese out in the cul de sac. 
 Can you see all the leaves?! It's fall here!
The kids came to our house first, then worked their way up the street to trick or treat. 
We had a fun night! 

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Ferko said...

I love love their costumes - they are both so stinking cute!! That butterfly costume is way too adorable!! :)