Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow/Sick Day!

 Here's my little ones, all cuddled in their "nests".  They pretended to be little owls :) There is a throat, chest, nose virus going through our house, so we've taken things a little slower this week.
 We were thrilled to wake up to snow!
 Maddie looked out and said, "How beautiful!" Savannah said, "Oh my goodness. Snow on my car!" 
 I made the girls "snowman" lunches. I know it's a stretch, but they loved it.
 Since Savannah wasn't feeling great, we ate our snowman instead of making one outside.
The girls made some Valentine's Day crafts and cards.
Maybe Maddie walked through the snow barefoot and in a short-sleeve dress. I know, she's a funny one!

This week I roasted a chicken, then made homemade broth. That makes the best chicken soup!!


Ferko said...

How sweet - you guys got snow!!! Will be praying you guys feel better soon!! Also, I loved how their stuff animals got wrapped up too - and I noticed that dog is still around ;)

Ski Town Girl said...

Poor babies! Hope you get well soon, and that Mom and Dad don't get it. Love, Grandma