Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Savannah is a Ballerina!

Most days Savannah pretends to be either a mermaid ballerina or a princess ballerina. I really don't know the difference, but I do know she loves being girly! She's been so excited about this day...the day she gets to go to ballet class. All last year she watched Maddie do it, and now the day has arrived :0
 Stinking cute, if I might add.
 Sweet face.
 Miss Alyssa was an excellent ballet teacher- warm, kind, and fun.
It's so great because we're taking this class with friends from church! Naomi and Sarah did the stretches together!

 They were kitty cats crawling across the floor, then butterflies flying, and several other animals today.
 Jumping at the bar.
 Here are all the little girls from church that get to do ballet together.

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Ferko said...

oh my lantaaaa!!! she is so cute!! LOVE this!! How fun that the girls can practice together at home!! <3