Sunday, November 24, 2013

Savannah's Princess Party

Savannah loves everything pink and princess-like. We recently drove past Sunrise retirement home, and after seeing the large building, Savannah said, "I want to get married to Daddy and live in that castle!"
We made pinkalicious cup cakes for her party.
Her adorable princess friends...

Maddie wasn't as into the dress up and princess, but loved blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk at the "tea party".
They played "pass the tea pot". When the music stopped, the girl holding the tea pot picked out a candy. They also played "find the lost slipper" and freeze dance. It was pretty fun.
 When Auntie "L" wasn't taking pictures, she was holding Geneva!
  The prince and his littlest princess.
 I'm pretty thankful for my family!
 All the princesses loved helping with the presents!

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Jennifer Clark said...

Cute party and a cute princess!